6th Ulla Klinger Cup 2018

All important informations about the  6th Ulla Klinger Cup can be found on this page.


The pictures you can see here is a part of the first series of pictures arrived at the website administration. These picture are rendered to a lower size (642 pixel).

More pictures from the 6th Ulla Klinger Cup are sent to the teams as link.


Competition results (complete, parts)

Timetable 2018

This is the final timetable for the 6th Ulla-Klinger-Cup.

Registration status 2018

!!! Status of Entries !!!

The current status is that now 150 divers have registered so far.

Besides our team from Aachen our guests will be the teams from Croatia and Finland, Germany, Great Britain, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Russia, Spain, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Monaco and France.

SV Neptun 1910 Aachen e.V. Plakat zum 6. Ulla-Klinger-Cup 2018 Wasserspringen

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