Review 3. Ulla Klinger Cup 2015

Last year in public...

In our local media the 2nd Ulla Klinger Cup has been present last year. For all interested in we collected some of those reports. Be aware that the local radio station report and the report from WDR is (of course) held in german language.

April 27th: The requests begin

The first requests for information around the Ulla Klinger Cup are just arrived. Pioneers are our neighbours from north of europe. This time the first request came from Sweden.

July 1st: The registrations begin

The first registration for the Ulla Klinger Cup has just arrived. For the third time the divers from Finland will participate.

Registration status

Until now 103 divers have registered including Finland, Russia, Belarus, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Germany, Croatia, Ukraine and Czech Republic.

Participator Information

Here you can find all participator information for the Ulla-Klinger-Cup.

preliminary timetable

The preliminary timetable for the 3rd Ulla-Klinger-Cup.

Competition timetable

This is the timetable of the 3. Ulla-Klinger-Cup.


Competition results (complete, parts)


Here you can find the photos from the 3rd Ulla-Klinger-Cup.

Image galery

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