Teilnehmer Information

Hier sind alle Teilnehmer Informationen rund um den Ulla-Klinger-Cup zu finden.

Diese Informationsseite wird regelmäßig mit neuen Informationen versorgt.

Die Meldung ist abgeschlossen!

Hier nun die Statistik:

- Übersicht der gemeldeten Vereine/Nationen

- Tabelle des Meldeergebnisses

- Startlisten

Practice Times

The pool will be open for practice on:

Monday, 2th November 14.00 h until 19.00 h
, 3th November 14.00 h until 20.00 h
Wednesday, 4
th November 14.00 h until 20.00 h
Thursday, 5
th November 08.00 h until 13.00 h, 14.00 h until 20.00 h
Friday, 6
th November 08.00 h until 09.30 h, after the competition until 22.00 h
Saturday, 7
th November 07.30 h until 09.30 h, after the competition until 22.00 h
Sunday, 8
th November 07.00 h until beginning of the competitions

Thirty minutes before a certain competition only divers participating in that particular competition are allowed to practise on the boards or platforms of their competition.

Gym / Dry land area

The gym and the trampolines cannot be used during competitions. Coaches are responsible for their divers. Athletes who disrespect instructions from supervising persons will not be allowed to use these facilities.

Training times with the synchron hydraulic boards


3 meter synchron

1 meter

Wednesday, 04.11.2015

17.oo – 18.3o


- all other times


- during 3m – and

platform competitions

the hydraulik boards

are set to 1m.


Thursday, 05.11.2015

11.oo – 12.3o

17.oo – 18.3o

Friday, 06.11.2015

after end of WK 5


until end of training time

Saturday, 07.11.2015

08.oo – 09.15

Sunday, 08.11.2015